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The Fuse Shackle is designed to used the same as the Core Shackle for joining, but with the added advantage of being the controlled failure point of the MAXTRAX Recovery System if the system becomes overloaded. It’s a brilliant idea. Like an electrical fuse it is designed to be strong enough for recovery loads but if something goes a miss, and the system is well overloaded, it's the recovery system’s planned weakest point.

The Fuse Shackle has a minimum breaking strength of 7,000kg.
Please note, this isn't adding an 'overly weak' shackle to the system. The Fuse Shackle is still rated well above what most recoveries will require.

In a typical snatch or winch recovery, it would usually be anyone’s guess what might break. For example, you may typically place my dampener in the middle of your recovery strap or winch rope, ensure everyone was clear and hope for the best.

With the Fuse Shackle, it’s possible to control this potential failure point to our advantage. For example:

In a Snatch Recovery, you could choose to connect the Fuse Shackle to the 4×4 being recovered and place the dampener at that point. In doing so, the rear of the recovering 4×4 is more protected with spare wheels, and ultimately a cargo barrier, while a windscreen is all that protects the driver of the 4×4 being recovered.

While overloading your system is an extremely unlikely scenario (especially if your following the correct recovery techniques), this makes it possible and just as easy to set your recovery up in the safest configuration possible.


The all-new MAXTRAX Recovery System! After decades of 4x4ing in tough Aussie conditions and witnessing close calls with flying metal during recoveries, MAXTRAX knew there had to be a safer way.

If you travel often enough, chances are you’ll need more than recovery boards and the ability to air down for recovering your rig. The MAXTRAX Recovery System is the revolutionary range of modern 4×4 recovery gear that aids safer recoveries.


The goal of the MAXTRAX Recovery System was to offer a safer, stronger and smarter do it all range of recovery gear.

Here's how they did it:

1. Reduction of metal in recovery components.
Steel shackles and other bulky gear becomes extremely dangerous at velocity if systems fail, so the majority of these have been replaced with high quality soft shackles.

2. Any metal components made with high safety factors.
The metal parts that remain in the system are over engineered and rated to ensure they are never the point of failure.

3. Build in a predictable point of failed if the system was overloaded.
By introducing the MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle, which is designed to be the controlled failure point if the system is overloaded.

    The complete system includes the following options:

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    MAXTRAX RECOVERY TRACKS: Maxtrax back our confidence in this quality Australian Made product with a lifetime warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.

    MAXTRAX ACCESSORIES: 12 month warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.


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