Camp Roll Green - By Feldon Shelter




The Camp Roll stores all your goodies & hangs off your Crow's Nest Rooftop Tent right where you need it at camp. Once you're ready to hit the road, simply roll and throw it in your vehicle for easy access during long roadies & any pit stops along the way.

A brain child of the Feldon team inspired by many years on the road. The idea: a common place for all your daily essentials, whether you're parked up at camp, or hitting the road.

No longer will you be fumbling around in the back of your rig, looking for items that go a miss during hasty camp pack downs! And once you arrive at camp after a long day on the road, your goodies are hanging off the Crow's Nest, ready to go. Great huh?


- 6 Uniquely sized storage pockets.

- Heavy duty lower tool pocket for heavier items.

- Adjustable storage straps, to keep your goodies rolled tight. Which attach directly to the base of your Crow's Nest Rooftop Tent.

- Rugged PVC backing, for protection when unrolling in the dirty stuff. Simply brush off when you're good to go.

- Heavy Duty Canvas Construction (the same stuff our Crow's Nest's are made from) to ensure your new favourite camp companion makes adventures easy for years to come.

All your camp & road trip essentials, good to go, exactly where you need them!



Using quality materials sourced both locally & abroad, we’ve learnt what works & what doesn’t in NZ’s toughest conditions. Our material’s are purpose built & have made the cut because they last. With our hands & eyes on every Crow’s Nest each single step of the way, from designing & testing, to rigorous quality control during production & with final assembly at our workshop in Kumeu, Auckland.

It’s this process that allows us to create a product we are extremely proud of, with a two year “NZ Proof” warranty covering watertightness, materials & workmanship we confidently stand by.



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