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Easy secure and remove your BUSH Rooftop Crate to your vehicles roof racks/roof platform with our Quick Release Mounting System. Two heavy duty mounts that secure to each end of your Rooftop Crate with heavy duty, lockable quick release latches.

The perfect solution if you are pulling your Rooftop Crate off the roof of your vehicle often.

Only compatible with the BUSH Rooftop Crate Range of storage cases.

All your key gear right there, when you need it.

View the full range of BUSH Storage Crates here or in store at West Supply. Head here to learn more about the BUSH Storage Crate System.

MOUNT YOUR CRATE IN SECONDS: Lockable quick release latches allow you to remove & attach your BUSH Rooftop Crate in seconds. Perfect if you need to remove your crate often.

LOCKABLE & SECURE: Gain piece of mind leaving your vehicle unattended with the lockable mounting latches. No chance of someone walking away with your rooftop crate.

MOUNTS TO A WIDE RANGE OF ROOF RACKS/PLATFORM: No matter what brand or style roof rack / roof platform you have up top on your rig, the universal mounting design will have you covered.

BUILT FOR THE ELEMENTS: Constructed from weather resistant, heavy duty materials. Just like all BUSH Storage gear.

TRUSTED WARRANTY: One year warranty that covers everything your adventures will throw at you.

The Rooftop Crate Quick Release Mounts come with the following Universal Attachment Kit:

- M8x20 T-Bolts x4: perfect for attaching to most roof rack or platform bars that feature a "T-Slot" attachment groove on the upper side.
- M8x20 Bolts x4: perfect for attaching to roof rack bars that take an M8/13mm head bolt in their attachment slot. E.g. Front Runner load bars.
- M8x50 Bolts x8 & Generic Mounting Brackets: used if your roof racks do not feature a "T-Slot" or Attachement channel on top, and rather than to secure to the top of your rack, you require to clamp around the roof rack bar.
- M8 Nylock Nuts & Washers x4

This Universal Attachment Kit will fit with the Quick Release Mounts directly to the following roof rack models:

- Rhino Rack: 
Vortex Bar or Pioneer Platform (for heavy duty bar models, specific hardware will need to be sourced from Rhino Rack)
- Thule: Wingbar or Probar
- Prorack: 
Aero Through (for heavy duty bar models, specific hardware will need to be sourced from Prorack)
- Yakima: Aero BarLockNLoad Trim HD Bar or LockNLoad Platform (for heavy duty bar models, specific hardware will need to be sourced from Yakima)
- Front Runner: All Load Bar Models (for Front Runner Slimline II Platforms, a Slimline II Adaptor Kit is required).

And any other roof rack bar that features a "T-Slot" attachment channel on the upper side of the bar that accepts T-Bolts or 13mm bolt heads.

For other models of roof racks that do not feature a "T-Slot attachment channel, the supplied M8x50 Bolts x8 & Generic Mounting Brackets allow you to clamp around the roof rack.

Roof racks, roof platforms, ute tray racks and other accessories can also be custom drilled to accept the Side Stacker and mounted with M8 hardware (custom length M8 bolts may need to be purchased depending on your setup).

For mounting to Roof Racks / Load Bars / Roof Platforms WITH T-Slot Attachment - Spacing between your two Roof Rack T-Slots needs to be:
- 80L Rooftop Crate: 950mm (min) - 1240mm (max)
- 125L Rooftop Crate: 965mm (min) - 1240 (max)

For mounting to Roof Racks / Load Bars WITHOUT T-Slot Attachment (utilising supplied generic brackets to clamp around roof racks) - Spacing between your two Roof Rack bars (centre to centre) needs to be:
- 80L Rooftop Crate: 1050mm (min) - 1130mm (max)
- 125L Rooftop Crate: 1070mm (min) - 1140 (max)

For mounting to Roof Platforms with a raised outer rail (e.g. Front Runner Slimline II) - Spacing between your outer rails needs to be:
- 80L Rooftop Crate: 1390mm (min)
- 125L Rooftop Crate: 1420 (min)

Fitment: Available for 80L & 125L Model Rooftop Crates.
Material: Mannex Powder Coated 3mm Zinc Treated Steel & Marine Grade, Stainless Steel Latches
Mounting Hardware: Comes with Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel fitting kit to attach panel to a wide range of roof racks & roof platforms. Please see "Rack & Platform Compatibility" tab above for more.



BUSH Storage was born from a lifetime worth of adventures. The team at West Supply & Feldon Shelter were sick of fumbling around in the back of their trucks for gear, so in came BUSH.

The BUSH Crate is the ultimate storage system. Whether it's storage up top on your rack, inside your rig, on the boat or in the wild, our BUSH Crates will keep you organised on all your big missions.

View the full Bush Storage range in store at West Supply, or head here for more info.


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