Pan Snug - By Ironclad


Color: Black


We love hand-made. And our hands love not touching hot handles. So Ironclad partnered with their leathersmith friends at Coast Craft in Franz Josef/Waiau to create a limited run of skillet handle sleeves.

Like all of their products, the Ironclad Pan Snug is made to order and made to last. Each one is hand-made in New Zealand using leather from Whanganui and designed to fit snug on all Ironclad Pan handles.

The Pan Snug is dark and made from a full grain 'raw-look' oiled leather. The oil is how we darken the leather, no stains or varnish are used. The oil makes it flexible and water resistant and over time it will get a beautiful dark, distressed leather finish. 

"At Ironclad we make products that people need, in quantities people need them. That’s to avoid the waste that comes from low-cost mass-run commercial manufacturing. While making products to order may not be economically savvy, it is environmentally friendly. And that’s important to us."

    • 33g New Zealand leather skillet handle sleeve
    • 45mm x 135mm
    • Limited edition run
    • Hand-made in New Zealand
    • 100% New Zealand leather
    • Double-layered leather roll for added heat protection
    • For stovetop and BBQ use
    • Not designed to be used in the oven
    • Made with our friends at Coast Craft



    This is IT. The one thing that you can use daily, literally imbibe with your knowledge of great taste and pass down as a family heirloom for generations. We guarantee you it will last the distance. We are so confident that our Ironclad Pan will only get better with age (and with proper use and care) that we will give you a replacement or your money back as part of your Three Generation Guarantee™ (approx. 100 years from the date of purchase). All you need to do is follow the super simple care instructions and register for your guarantee after you purchase your skillet.


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