Fire to Fork Cookbook - By Harry Fisher

SKU: 9780648464631


Fie to Fork Is Australia’s leading camp cooking tips, recipes and camp oven cooking over the fire.

200+ pages of recipes, guides, photos and the culmination of years of work by Harry Fisher, founder of the popular Youtube and Instagram channels Fire To Fork.

From the pindan red beaches of the Kimberley’s west coast, Harry Fisher has been steadily cementing his reputation with a pair of tongs around the campfire. Combining his passion for the Aussie bush and great food, he’s made it his mission to prove that camp cooking doesn’t have to be dull cooking.

His campfire cooking and distinct approach to recipe creations is simple and summed by his personal brand – Fire To Fork. His meals are simple enough for any enthusiastic bush cook to prepare, but his focus on fewer, but higher quality ingredients and techniques he’s learned from his mother, a chef, sets him apart in the camp cooking world. He’s often called on to develop campfire recipes for corporate clients. Fire to Fork has amassed millions of views YouTube and tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. As a result, Harry is becoming the most popular authority on bush cooking; not just in Australia, but everywhere good food and campfires are combined.


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