Made of UV-stabilized, flexible, super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon, MAXTRAX provides traction and a firm base to get your vehicle quickly back on track. They have been tested at the University of Queensland to wrap completely around a 33-inch tire without breaking.


The perfect fit for every outing. Measuring just 1150mm long X 330mm wide x 85mm tall (45 inches long X 13 inches wide)

Each set of MAXTRAX stacks together at a height of just 85mm (3.5 inches).

Each MAXTRAX weighs just 3.4 kilograms (7.5 pounds), making them easy to carry and thanks to it’s signature double-edged design, it’s easy and quick to manoeuvre under your tires.

Easily stows with the rest of your car camping, overlanding, or four-wheel drive touring gear.