Like her siblings, The Legacy Pan and Lil’ Legacy, the Old Dutch is hand-poured to order using the highest grade of recycled iron. It arrives straight from the foundry unseasoned (which means no nasty chemicals, dyes or enamels — better for you and for the planet). Everything you need to prepare the Old Dutch for cooking comes in the box, and with use, becomes a rich, copper black over time.

All Ironclad Cookware is as unique as the family recipes it will prepare and designed to withstand 100+ years of daily use. We're so confident it will last, every piece automatically comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee™. And access to the Ironclad Family Recipe Vault.

*We avoid the environmental impacts of global shipping by manufacturing everything as local as possible. The Dutch Oven is the only Ironclad product that must be poured in Australia (due to foundry capabilities) and still guarantees the shortest distance from the foundry to your table.

Now also available bronzed, lovingly and expertly pre-seasoned with our all-natural Seasoning Balm - tick the box at checkout.