The huge opening of the Emuwing can accommodate a plethora of ideas, from recovery equipment to a mini-kitchen in the back of your rig.

No need to struggle trying to use all the space in the back of your wagon, with the extra side access from Emuwing, all of your equipment will be close to hand.

✔ No Drilling - No body modifications required.
✔ Revertable - Can be fully removed leaving no evidence of installation.
✔ Gas strut assisted.
✔ Lockable - Keyed alike ensuring your vehicle remains secure.
✔ Proudly Australian Made.
✔ Seamless Factory Finish - Like it came out of the factory that way.
✔ Slimline Frame - Ensures the maximum opening available.
✔ Complete DIY Kit Included - Or Installation is available at West Supply.

Emuwing kits are meticulously designed with a gentle curve that closely mirrors the shape of the vehicle into which they are installed. This thoughtful design ensures seamless integration, maintaining the uninterrupted lines and contours of your vehicle.

Please Note: Due to the intrusion of the hinge, this product is not suitable for vehicles that carry passengers adjacent to the Emuwing and should be removed if the third row seats adjacent to the Emuwing are ever reinstated in your vehicle.