Gullwing Window - Land Rover Range Rover Classic (2-Door) - By Emuwing




Get the ultimate access solution for your 4x4.

Made in Australia, Emuwing provides this handy Gullwing Window Replacement Kit, which gives you instant access to your cargo and is made to meet the most demanding of situations.

A high quality solution that will last many years. A completely dustproof and waterproof solution that creates the most comprehensive access to the rear of your wagon available today.

Complete kits available as a Pair (Left and Right) or Single to suit the side you require.

Special Order Required: This particular vehicle model Gullwing is not currently stocked on our shelves, however please contact us if you'd like to order in from across the ditch.

The huge opening of the Emuwing can accommodate a plethora of ideas, from recovery equipment to a mini-kitchen in the back of your rig.

No need to struggle trying to use all the space in the back of your wagon, with the extra side access from Emuwing, all of your equipment will be close to hand.

✔ No Drilling - No body modifications required.
✔ Revertable - Can be fully removed leaving no evidence of installation.
✔ Gas strut assisted.
✔ Lockable - Keyed alike ensuring your vehicle remains secure.
✔ Proudly Australian Made.
✔ Seamless Factory Finish - Like it came out of the factory that way.
✔ Slimline Frame - Ensures the maximum opening available.
✔ Complete DIY Kit Included - Or Installation is available at West Supply.

Emuwing kits are meticulously designed with a gentle curve that closely mirrors the shape of the vehicle into which they are installed. This thoughtful design ensures seamless integration, maintaining the uninterrupted lines and contours of your vehicle.

Please Note: Due to the intrusion of the hinge, this product is not suitable for vehicles that carry passengers adjacent to the Emuwing and should be removed if the third row seats adjacent to the Emuwing are ever reinstated in your vehicle.

Constructed with premium stainless steel and aluminium components, the Emuwing is engineered for longevity, promising years of reliable performance.

Solid Option: Extremely sturdy, solid aluminium construction with high-quality, Textura black powder coating, which provides a durable, long lasting finish for your Emuwing.

Auto Safety Glass Option: AS2 Approved Auto Safety Glass, shaped to fit the exact vehicles natural window shape. The safety rated glass is tested to meet Australian and international requirements.
Please note: Glass panels are supplied without tint, this will need to be matched to your existing tint prior to installation.

Warranty: For added peace of mind, we stand behind the Emuwing with a comprehensive twelve-month hardware warranty that covers all parts.

Comprehensive DIY Kit Supplied or Installation at our Auckland based West Supply Workshop is Available (just choose the 'Installation' shipping method during checkout).

If you're gonna give it a crack yourself, here's all the info you need:

This is a comprehensive, DIY capable Gullwing Window kit that includes everything you need to install your Emuwing into your vehicle, including the necessary silicon based sealant. You’ll likely only require a few basic tools, which you probably already have, along with plenty of clamps and the know-how to remove your vehicles factory window of choice before installation.

As this is a DIY kit. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully before beginning installation as once installed, no claims can be made due to incorrect installation.

View all vehicle specific Emuwing installation guides here:

Emuwing Installation Guides

Installation Videos: To assist you in the installation process, Emuwing have a collection of informative installation videos available on their YouTube channel. We highly recommend starting there to familiarize yourself with the steps. Additionally, you can find downloadable instructions below, which should be thoroughly reviewed before undertaking the installation. By being well-prepared and informed, you can ensure a successful and hassle-free installation of your Emuwing!

Please Note: While the Emuwing Gullwing Window Kits are designed for DIY installation, we strongly advise conducting thorough research on the installation process before you begin. Since this is a DIY project, it’s crucial to carefully read and follow the provided instructions to avoid any issues. Once the Emuwing is installed, we cannot accept claims for incorrect installation, so attention to detail is vital.

All Emuwing Gullwings are backed proudly by a 12-Month Manufacturers Warranty.


The Emuwing had humble beginnings in a suburban Melbourne garage way back in 2007, fuelled by a combination of too many beers and an overactive imagination. Their passion for the outdoors and extensive camping experiences, living out of a vehicle while exploring the vast and beautiful land of Aussie, led the Emuwing team to encounter the common frustration of searching for items buried deep in the cargo area of our wagon.

They knew there had to be a better way! Tired of scrambling through the back door to reach items at the rear of the cargo area, or dealing with the hassle of accessing the wheel carrier with its heavy wheels and tires, not to mention navigating around the drawers, they set out to simplify this process for themselves and fellow adventurers. The goal was to make life easier for everyone.

Thus, the first prototype of the Emuwing was born, and its potential was quickly evident. Over the subsequent years, Emuwing has rigorously tested and refined the design to create the outstanding product they proudly present to you today.

As an Australian family-owned and operated business, Emuwing operates from a modest factory in Campbellfield and their mission is clear – to make traveller’s lives easier by providing the finest vehicle access solution available. They are committed to maintaining a high standard of quality.

Emuwing is more than just a product; it’s a symbol of our dedication to enhancing the camping and traveling experiences of people around the world. Emuwing are driven by a love for the outdoors and a desire to provide practical solutions to common challenges.

Thank you for shopping at West Supply and being a part of the Emuwing journey!


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